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Originally posted by DJ Egg
can we now talk about Winamp 5.54 Beta please, and not the Essential Pack? ;-)

Good, isn't it?! :-)
Good is an understatment. After the initial flurry, this thread has been super quiet.

I have only found one thing that is not 5.54 specific. (I THink I reported this somewhere)

when you start the ML, the Rip and Burn tree item is grouped. But the box is not checked Gowever, once you check the box, then the box and the tree item corrospond. No Biggie really... Opps sorry. Kn0tte a problem. (that never gets old)

Second, could you tell us the expected behabiour of the "* Improved: Background reading option for playlist metadata". Does this have anything to do with the new selection under Titles where it says Read metadata in the backgroundwhen files are loaded into winamp?

great Job Devs. This shouldnt be Beta
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