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Originally posted by Juanus
I dont think that I explained myself correctly.
I wasnt talking "about the show eject icon.." choice. The choice that says "Group CD/DVD Drives under the rip and burn parent". That is not checked by default. However, the CD Drive is under thr rip and burn parent by default. Once you check that box, then the check mark starts corosponding to the action in the ML Tree. If I need to get into a screenshot war, I will... but you will be soooooooorrrrrrrry!
Sorry... I misunderstood based on your screenie and what I quoted. No probs.

BUT... something strange just happened. First, understand that I do NOT have Sonic Burning/Ripping support installed, so that may have something to do with this...

The moment I click on "Rip & Burn" in the ML tree list I get this...

What I'm going to do is reinstall 5.54 beta, but this time with Sonic Burning/Ripping support (which I do NOT need, so it will be temporary), and report back if it does/doesn't happen again.
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