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I forgot to say thank you for the great new build... Didn't expect a final so soon after beta :-)

One thing though: Are you planning on making Bento customizable any time soon? This is killing me, Winamp is getting more and more bloated with every release.

Don't get me wrong, I remove all the stuff I don't need at the installer stage, but certain elements from Bento remain - which I don't really need.

I don't install Visualization - so why the tab for it stays? I don't install video support for Winamp - why should I have the tab there? The same goes for the browser tab - I NEVER USE IT.

And I can go on and on, especially with the recently added buttons (Search for artist/more info on artist). I understand that you want those buttons to be there by default, but for those who don't use it and don't want to use it - why not give the option?

It used to be that Winamp showed relevant options only if they were installed (the Media Library is still like that - I don't have a rip/burn section, because I didn't install it). Now? It just shows everything, whether it is there or not.

I hope that other people agree with me and think this matter needs attention.
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