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My new NSIS plug-in is now working. It can call methods in managed .NET DLLs. It supports dynamic number of parameters of types void, string (unicode), int, float, bool. Return value can be these types too. Strings and floats must be enclosed in "". The .NET classes called must have a default constructor.

You can find the plug-in attached to this post. This is version 0.1 of the plugin. I will write a wiki plug-in page for it shortly. It is provided here as-is for testing.

Let me know what you think of it, if you have any suggestions, questions or have trouble using it. Also, if you think more types should be supported for input and return values, let me know.

The following is a sample script that copies a .NET dll to pluginsdir along with this plugin. The .NET method called takes the following parameters: string, int, float and boolean. It then returns a string.
PHP Code:
"SomeAssembly.dll" some test .NET assembly
"CLR.dll" this plugin
::Call `CLR::Call(w 'SomeAssembly.dll::SomeNamespace::SomeClass::SomeMethod("some string value",12,"15,8",false)') w .r0
This replaces the above method I described and my former wiki, as this plug-in fixes some issues with the method described previously.

Regards Claes

P.S.: Minor issue: You have to call it via System::Call. While this works perfectly, I would like it to be a true NSIS plugin. The reason for why it is called via System::Call is that if I make it a real NSIS plugin, the DLL remains in the $PLUGINS dir when the installer closes. If I get to fix that issue, I can make it a real NSIS plugin, that does not need System::Call.

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