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Okay, maybe on to something here. That return value being the dll name problem seems to stem from the version of .NET installed.

My development box, and the two machines I was testing on, both had .NET 2.0 installed as well as the .NET 2.0 Service Pack 1 and .NET 3.0 Service Pack 1.

When I went to a machine with no .NET 2.0 installed, then installed the base .NET 2.0 redistributable with no Services packs, the dll name showed up as the return value.

Once I installed just the .NET 2.0 Service pack 1, the problem resolved and I got expected responses from the dll calls.

BTW - this is all with my VS2005 compiled DLL. I still get the dll name returned with your VS2008 compiled DLL on the new .NET 2.0 w/SP1 machine.

This may be coming down to some variations of the .NET 2.0 environment based on other .NET Framework installs. If I'm not mistaken, VS2008 requires .NET 3.5 installed. Maybe that has affected the .NET 2.0 assemblies in some way.
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