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Just a few notes related to the Essentials Pack:


* New: [in_wv] WavPack decoder, a free, lossless codec
WavPack is a really nice, free lossless codec and it's really worth to ship it with the Essentials Pack. Adding this was planned for more than a half year. Hopefully it will help spreading the format a lil' more.

The decoder is full functional, it supports the unified tag editor, transcoding, the library etc.

The only thing we still miss is localization support. Prelimary support is already present, but it's still not complete. A few issues need to be sorted out, I hope we have a full translatable build for 5.55 final.

I'll inform you when it's ready.


* Misc: [Installer] disabled all incomplete language files, because of compatibility reasons
A few things were added in the last example file and some of the files were too old.

The installer wasn't really nice with these incomplete language files. So I've disabled them, sorry. You still can provide an update for the installer translation in your native language.


Translation example files enqplay_auto.ini, in_wv.lng and in_wav.lng will be made available for non official translators too. I'll try to sort this out within the next few days.

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