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This has been a quiet forum for a beta! I am impressed. I know that you guys did a bunch of pre testing, but I have found just a few small issues.

Skinned Menus: When I have skinned menus on, it will ‘corrupt’ for lack of a better term. See screenshot. And it will do the same thing to all of the menus on my computer. Once I run the mouse over the menu, then I can read everything, but there is still corruption where the dividers are. I have to turn off the skinned menu setting and restart to get everything back to normal.
Let me know what you need from me to troubleshoot this. I have two Nvidia geforce 6600 video cards with a dual monitor system. Driver version 181.20. 1280x1024. 32 bit color depth. Windows XP SP 3 Home 32bit color. The same thing happens with 24 bit color.

[Bento skin] Playlist tab: When you enable the playlist tab (very cool), and click over to the playlist tab, the playlist goes away. But when you click back to the media library tab, the playlist does not come back automatically. You have to pull the divider back. I would think that you would want the playlist to come back automatically because many people would not know to pull the divider back.

pmp_ipod: And the last thing that I have found so far… I know that this is a issue that is beaten to death and I am not sure about the priority of this, but pmp_ipod is not transferring album art to the ipod correctly. You can see the album art in cover flow, but you cannot see the album art when the track is playing or in the playlist.
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