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here's what i just tried. time will tell if this works...

(note: i'm using windows 7, which may be pretty similar if you're using vista, but anything less and i don't know if you'll have these options but it might send you in the right general direction....)

open my computer, right click the usb drive, left click properties. select the Hardware tab, click the USB hard drive (for me it shows the description of the Western Digital HDD that is inside a USB enclosure), then click Properties. In the Device Properties, select the Policies tab.

I have two options: Quick removal (default) and Better Performance. Better Performance enables write caching but requires the "safely remove hardware" feature -- since i generally leave this drive on and connected all the time, I switched to Better Performance.

This change requires a reboot.

Check the power settings for USB devices -- make sure it is not set to turn USB devices off. For me, under Win 7 this is located in Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power options. click Change plan settings, then Change Advanced Power Settings. Under USB settings I have a USB Selective Suspend setting which was Enabled. I switched this to Disabled.
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