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I'm having the same problem. Vista, winamp version 5.56 x86, about 14,000 songs.

After about two HOURS, it gets all the way to halfway through step 4 of 4, and then crashes. I'm pretty sure it's after it passes about 6,000 songs, as I've seen mentioned. This has happened about six times. Really frustrating.

This STINKS. It's the only reason I'm still using iTunes. In iTunes you don't have to think about this feature at all. It just works...and it's one of the most prominent features in the software. Just press the Genius button.

Even when the playlist generator does work properly in winamp, it is so strange that such an amazing feature--one that a direct competitor is trumpeting so loudly and SUCCESSFULLY--is so buried in the preferences. What is it, like six-to-ten clicks to get your playlist scanned?

There should be a auto playlist generator button in winamp, just like the genius button. I didn't even know winamp had this feature before last week!!!

Anyway, off my soapbox. :' )

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