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Winamp 5.57 Beta Preview

Winamp 5.57 Beta, Build 2765

Winamp 5.57 Beta Full (Multi-national installer)*
Winamp 5.57 Beta Full (US English MP3 Bundle version)**
Winamp 5.57 Beta Pro (Multi-national installer, asks for key during install)*
Winamp 5.57 Beta Pro (US English version, asks for key during install)
Winamp 5.57 Beta Lite (basic 2.x-style mp3/cd player)
* (French, Dutch, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Turkish, Portuguese & Romanian)
** (Includes 5 mp3's downloaded from Nullsoft server at end of installation)

Winamp 5.57
* New: MPEG-4 video support for in_mp4 & in_flv (Winamp Pro only)
* New: [in_avi] Native AVI video support (MPEG-4 = Winamp Pro only)
* New: [in_mkv] Matroska MKV video support (MPEG-4 = Winamp Pro only)
* New: [ml_addons] Browser for discovering new skins & plugins
* New: Winamp detection browser plugins for IE & FF
* Improved: Direct3D video rendering
* Improved: Filetype association handling on Vista & Windows 7
* Improved: New fullscreen video OSD
* Improved: Preamp adjustment for files with ReplayGain (previously .ini only)
* Improved: VU meter (beat vis) optimizations
* Improved: [gen_ff] Multithreaded <AlbumArt/> object
* Improved: [in_flac/in_vorbis] Tag support for Organization field as Publisher
* Improved: [in_flv] AAC, aacPlus & ADPCM audio support in FLV files
* Improved: [in_mp4] Support for aacPlus parametric stereo in mp4 container
* Improved: [in_nsv] Native h.264 decoding (Winamp Pro only)
* Improved: [in_wave] Unicode filename handling
* Improved: [ml_history] Play Offset feature for resuming playback of podcasts
* Improved: [ml_local] Director & Producer fields & columns for videos
* Improved: [ml_local] Row cache for NDE to vastly speed up queries
* Improved: [ml_online] Right-click option to open service in new window
* Improved: [ml_wire] feed:// pcast:// and winamp:// protocol support
* Improved: [ml_wire] Option to automatically download 'x' most recent episodes
* Improved: [ml_wire] Redesigned Podcast Directory view
* Improved: [vis_milk2] Milkdrop2 updated to use ns-eel2 (thanks Justin)
* Fixed: Custom mldb info reverts to filename on Alt+3 for in_dshow, flv & swf
* Fixed: HeapSetInformation not located in kernel32 error under Win2k
* Fixed: Shuffle feature broken under limited user profiles
* Fixed: [gen_ml] Bold text in Local Media views on some systems
* Fixed: [gen_tray] Compact mode not working on 64-bit OS
* Fixed: [in_flac] Playback freezing before end of some corrupted files
* Fixed: [in_flv] Sync issue where video lags behind audio on some flv files
* Fixed: [in_flv] Various h.263-related crash issues
* Fixed: [in_mod] Heap overflow security vulnerability (thanks Dyon Balding, Secunia)
* Fixed: [in_mod] Some s3m files crashing on load
* Fixed: [in_mp4] Various transcoding issues
* Fixed: [in_wm] Main window & taskbar menu blocked after closing DRM browser
* Fixed: [jpeg.w5s/png.w5s] Security vulnerability fixes (thanks Nicolas Joly, VUPEN)
* Fixed: [ml_local] Remove missing files broken in full rescan
* Fixed: [ml_wire] feeds.xml sometimes being destroyed
* Fixed: [vis_avs] Compile issues causing some presets to not load properly or crash
* Misc: Improved Windows 7 compatibility, including alt+tab & taskbar icon integration
* Misc: More general tweaks, improvements, fixes and optimizations
* Misc: New info page for lang pack developers in About Winamp dialog
* Misc: New MPEG-4 video support adds h263.w5s, h264.w5s & mp4v.w5s
* Misc: Renamed nsvdec_vp6.dll to vp6.w5s
* Misc: Removed gen_dropbox from the installer, for now...
* Misc: Right-click to close Notifier in Bento skin
* Misc: Some keyboard accelerator fixes (new Ctrl+Alt+B for Add current to bookmarks)
* Misc: Various installer improvements (including new DirectX version checker)
* Updated: aacPlus decoder 8.2.2, encoder 8.2.0
* Updated: Gracenote CDDB/MusicID v2.6.101
* Updated: libpng 1.2.40
* Updated: [in_vorbis] libvorbis 1.2.3 & libogg 1.1.4



Video Support:

The D3D Renderer requires DirectX9 or higher
(The installer will upgrade DirectX on Win2k/XP, if required)

The fullscreen OSD requires d3dx9_24.dll or higher on Win2k/XP and d3dx9_32.dll or higher on Win7
(the installer will download/install these, if required)

The fullscreen OSD is not set in stone and is liable to change (eg. width/position/look/features/etc),
if not for 5.57F then maybe for forthcoming releases... though all comments/criticisms are welcome :-)

Supported Formats:

in_mp4 supports:
video: h.264 (avc), h.263, mp4v2 (simple/advanced), jpeg (slideshow)
audio: mp3, aac (lc/he), 3gp, ac3, pcm/u-law

in_mkv supports:
video: h264 (avc), h263, mp4v2
(theora support hopefully to come later, mpeg-1 & 2 not supported)
audio: mp3, aac, ac3, vorbis
(dts not currently supported / video-only files might not play)

in_flv supports:
video: h263, h264 (avc), vp6
audio: mp3, aac, adpcm

in_avi supports:
video: h264 (avc), divx4, divx5, xvid, vp6, Techsmith (TSCC/Camtasia screen capture/RGB555/RGB565), RLE (16bpp & 8bpp compressed bitmaps), UYVY, Motion JPEG (M-JPEG)
audio: mp3, aac, ac3, pcm (wav, a-law, u-law, etc), ms-adpcm, ima adpcm, dsp truespeech

-Old/unsupported AVI formats (eg. divx3, cinepack, ms-video-1, cram, ms-mpeg4/mp42/mp43, etc) will be passed on to DirectShow instead.

-Techsmith, UYVY & RLE video support is via bmp.w5s

-MJPEG slideshow support is via jpeg.w5s

-For non-Pro installations, mpeg-4 (h263, h264, divx, xvid, mp4v, etc) video handling will be the same as in 5.56, i.e. in_avi will pass on all videos with mpeg-4 content to in_dshow, and in_mp4 (and now also in_mkv) will play audio-only.

-To re-enable old 5.56 behaviour, remove in_avi.dll & in_mkv.dll, remove MP4 and M4V from in_mp4 config, and re-add all of AVI, MKV, MP4 & M4V to in_dshow config extension list....

-The AC3 decoder (for AVI, MKV & MP4) is in the Winamp Essentials pack (see below)
(as is the H.263 decoder, like before).
Though both are included in the beta builds (but won't be in the Final build).

-Re: Native h.264 decoder for in_nsv
Non-Pro users will still be able to use the 3rd-party h.264 decoder for in_nsv.
w5s files/decoders take precedence over dll's, so Pro users can even keep the 3rd-party decoder present
(which won't be used unless you remove h264.w5s... which isn't recommended...)


Re: Improved: [ml_wire] Redesigned Podcast Directory view:
This will not be going live until 5.57 Final release,
so for now, you'll still see the old view in Media Library -> Podcast Directory.

Likewise for the new Orgler login dialog, which is all mainly serverside code,
though the Winamp & AOL logins should hopefully be working in the next day or so
(until then you'll probably just get a "No login providers available" error message).

The Winamp Application Detect browser plugins for IE & Firefox basically allow and other participating sites (,, etc) to detect Winamp presence & version and deliver appropriate content
(eg. to determine whether the installed version supports the new winamp:// protocol).
The plugins do not collect/send any other data whatsoever. Infact, you won't even notice that they're there....


New commandline switches for manipulating ml playlists:

winamp.exe /ADDPLAYLIST "x:\path\to\playlist.m3u" "playlist name" {GUID}
winamp.exe /CREATEPLAYLIST "Playlist Name" {GUID}
winamp.exe /APPENDPLAYLIST {GUID} filename.mp3

where {GUID} is a unique GUID as created by eg. Windows SDK GUID Generator.
For /APPENDPLAYLIST you would need to use the corresponding existing GUID as designated by Winamp
(see %appdata%\winamp\plugins\ml\playlists.xml)

feed:// & pcast:// & winamp:// protocol handler commandline switch:
"x:\path\to\winamp.exe" /HANDLE %1

Accelerator (keyboard shortcuts/hotkeys) changes:

Open Playlist (Ctrl+O) & Save Playlist (Ctrl+S) now work globally;
Added Ctrl+Alt+B for "Add current to bookmarks" (note, old Alt+I still works in Classic skin and also in WA-Modern pledit,
but can never work in Bento because Alt+I is the global shortcut for the View menu);
Changed "Load EQ Preset" from Ctrl+S to Ctrl+Alt+S (Classic EQ only).

Localization improvements:

Winamp can now load extra .lng files from <LANGDIR>\<language-identifier>\*.lng
e.g. c:\program files\winamp\lang\ru-ru\gen_3rdparty.lng

Re: New info page for lang pack developers in About Winamp dialog:
More Info


nsutil.dll in the Winamp root dir is a new shared library for common functions, such as 8-bit to 16-bit conversion,
float-to-pcm conversion, alpha premultiplying, FFT, infinite impulse response, VU meter calc, and more.
Do not delete it, or bad things are likely to happen...


Reporting Bugs:

Please report any issues with the beta in this thread only!
Make sure your report is complete, according to the sticky threads in Bug Reports, ie.
Clean install, no 3rd-party plugins, list of plugins, full step-by-step method of reproduction, relevant system specs,
exact error messages, screenshots, which skin (one of Classic, Modern, or Bento only, or all three), links to sample files, etc.
If error reports, screenshots, sample files, etc are smaller than 200kb, then please attach them to your post here. Otherwise, please upload to one of,, or and post the url here (no rapidshare or imageshack or similar links please).

Please do not report script errors in online services, info viewer, etc.
Script errors are enabled in the beta builds for debugging purposes, but are disabled in final builds.

For problems with AVI, MKV & MP4/M4V videos, be sure to also tell us what the video & audio codecs are...
Relevant info can be found via the "View File Info" (Alt+3) dialog
(if attaching a screenshot for AVI/MKV, be sure to make Codec ID/Name columns wide enough first).

Note that incomplete/lame bug reports may be totally ignored.


Known Bugs/Issues:

-The installer takes longer than before to unpack *

-The installer might appear to freeze on older/slower systems during the "Optimizing..." phase towards the end.
- Please be patient. It hasn't frozen, and will get there eventually... *

-Winamp Application Detect is always checkmarked on the Choose Components page of the Installer Options

-If unchecked, the installer may still create an empty "%ProgramFiles%\Winamp Detect" folder *

-in_avi.dll & in_mkv.dll aren't removed by the uninstaller *

-Video Prefs aren't fully hooked up yet... some options don't work... expect changes for 5.57 Final

-Subtitle support isn't implemented yet (.srt for AVI; Sub Station Alpha/Advanced SSA for MKV)

-File info & length/metadata detection for streaming (http) avi isn't implemented yet

-h.263 inside MP4 container still needs a lot of work

-MP4 video http streaming is buggy and not properly implemented yet...

-Seeking forward with the right keyboard cursor might be a bit funky with some AVI & MKV files *

-The new RG Preamp slider in Prefs -> Playback also controls Gain for files without RG applied!

-Winamp doesn't appear on mouse hover over Win7 taskbar thumbnail if Winamp is minimized to taskbar
- when a freeform skin (Bento, WA Modern, etc) is in use (works ok for Classic skins)

-The Win7 win+tab image is small (due to a limitation of the Windows API in drawing the image for multiple windows) *

-The Win7 alt/win+tab image might show an empty ml or pledit at times, and also doesn't update in real-time

-Aero Shake & Snap support aren't implemented (note, Snap might never be)

-The llama logo shows in Modern skin Notifier for tracks without albumart

-The new Dimension & Codec columns for videos in Local Media views might not populate on upgrades
- (ie. you'll need to use rt-click -> 'read metadata on selected items') *

-The Fullscreen OSD might not show at all on systems with the Intel r82945g express chipset, if using Intel drivers v6.13.
- Upgrading the drivers to v6.14 solves the problem. *

* = Fixed for 5.57F
* = non-issues or won't/can't be changed


Updates & Extras:

Winamp Essentials Pack 5.57 Beta

Color Editor for 5.57
Brand new installer by Koopa & Egg (note: will only install on 5.57)

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