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Originally posted by DJ Egg

Thanks for the report...

Re: Invalid Registration Key error

Are you getting that error when trying to enter the reg key via: Winamp -> Prefs -> Winamp Pro -> Enter Reg Key?
Or only with the prompt which comes at the end of the Pro installation?
>>> On both

Originally posted by DJ Egg
I assume you aren't getting the UAC prompt, which means one of the following:

1. You must have disabled UAC, and it doesn't work if UAC is disabled
>>> No, I set it "one step down"

Originally posted by DJ Egg
2. You've deleted Elevator.exe or elevatorps.dll from the Winamp folder, or they didn't get installed/registered properly. Please confirm that those two files exist in the root of the Winamp installation dir.
>>> Both files are in C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp

Originally posted by DJ Egg
Re: video files

Please could you attach a directX Diagnostic log (dxdiag.txt)
Start -> Run:
Type: dxdiag
Hit Enter
Wait for it to load
Click "Save all information"
>>> Attached at next post

Originally posted by DJ Egg
Do you only get that weird video playback corruption for NSV files,
or also for other formats?
If only NSV, then is it just for NSV files with h.264 video
or does it also occur for NSV files with other video codecs, eg. vp6 ?
>>> I will try some formats. Here with VP61:

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