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Thanks for the beta! It feels, looks and works good so far. I will test more stuff tomorrow etc but here's my input so far:

* Improved: VU meter optimizations
And that is..? Is it the "Toggle Beat Viz" in the modern skins (w/ Llama head-banging in the Winamp Modern skin)? Whatever you have done, it seems faster and a lot better with the W.M.Skin. Very good! But with Bento (Big at least) its really weird and fucked up, it "stops" on the edges when its a song with hard bass. You need to fix that.

Btw, isn't it possible that you can make it so that IF we use the Llama head-banging in the Winamp modern skin, it will STAY when restarting Winamp etc? Its a pain in the *you know what* to enable it every time I start up Winamp (if I want to use it that is). Make it so that it remembers if its enabled or not, please! It would be such a nice improvement! It will still be easy to disable it if thats wanted, no problem.

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