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Originally posted by k2u

if you try to scan more than about 6000 titles, the database will get corrupt.

The reason is: Winamp gets bigger and bigger and it arrives a amount of 1,6 Gib, which is the maximum for a 32bit application.

The workaraound:

start the scan, use a alarm clock ;-)
after lets say 3000 files, pause the scan, close winamp, restart winamp and restart the scan for the next 3000 files.

Alternatively you can open the taskmanager and look after the amount of memory, winamp is using.

The solution: I don´t know, but perhaps somebody here has contact to the coders...
that works every time? it doesn't get corrupted again some time later? if that works, i'll totally make the extra effort to get it to work and be stable.
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