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Originally posted by aliteralmind
I've tried this three times already, MusicIP Mixer, I mean. After running the exe, nothing shows up in my WinAmp preferences, neither under Music Library, nor Plugins-->Music Library. I've even restarted my computer before trying again.
assuming it's the plugin that i posted on my blog (as opposed to what you can find easily by googling, which is not the plugin but rather the standalone app), not sure what's up with that. i don't have any specific experience with the plugin other than that zer0ed suggested it, and we've both used it. the system i have it running on is using windows 2k3, which for all intents and purposes acts like windows xp/2000, so the musicip plugin may or may not work with vista/win7. other than that, i'm pretty sure the version of winamp i'm using is the latest from the site, but it's possible it's an older version and that could be a problem, too. if you're running the latest winamp and have xp/2000, i can check my winamp version and see if i'm mistaken and actually have an older version. everything worked like a charm for me /shrug
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