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Winamp Essentials Pack v5.6


Full Changelog | Latest Changes:

* New: Unicode Taskbar Fixer v3.0 from DrO
- fixes ??? issues in Winamp's taskbar produced by incompatible 3rd party plugins
* New: [Installer] 256x256 Win7 style icons
* New: [Installer] Vietnamese installer translation based on v1.16 (thanks to Nguyễn Thanh Tài aka thanhtai2009,
* Improved: [Installer] added icons to warning messages
* Updated: WavPack Decoder to v2.8.1
- this adds %family% and %type% support (allows for example loading of the WavPack icon from a Winamp Icon Pack Library)
- can now save ratings directly to the files (if an external plugin reuqests it, for example Winamp's library)
- removed preferences window (now uses Winamp's global ReplayGain options)
- fixes loading of the plugin on some systems
* Updated: [alac.w5s] Apple Lossless Decoder to v1.5
- fixes ReplayGain related crash bug
* Updated: [enc_vorbis] Nullsoft Vorbis Encoder to v1.4
- updates libOGG to v1.2.1
- brings several GUI improvements (adds Thickpos, Direct Mouse Wheel Support, clickable links)
* Updated: [in_wav] Nullsoft Waveform Wrapper to v1.3
- fixes some compatibility issues with mp3 embedded wav files
* Updated: [ml_enqplay] ML Enqueue & Play to v2.0.1
- fixes compatibility with Winamp 5.59+ & a crash bug
* Updated: [gen_ffod] Find File on Disk to v3.0.3
* Updated: [gen_undo] Playlist Undo to v1.1
* Updated: [gen_nopro] Lite-n Preferences to v1.7
* Updated: [gen_skinmanager] Skin Manager to v1.0.1
* Updated: [gen_timerestore] Time Restore & Autoplay to 2.5.3
* Updated: [gen_classicart] Album Art Viewer to v0.85
* Updated: [Installer] English, German, PortugueseBR, Japanese, French, Polish, Russian & Romanian installer translations based on v1.17
* Fixed: [Installer] uninstallation of gen_classicart.dll
* Misc: removed Playlist Sidecar from installer due to compatibility issues
* Misc: [gen_killpredixis] removed Predixis Removal Tool from installer


Removed Playlist Sidecar

- I know, that some of you will be disappointed, but the Sidecar crashed latest Winamp on Win7 and on an XP VM for me, sorry.
I will make a separate Sidecar installer within the next weeks which contains the uninstall code I originally wrote for Essentials.

[Edit 17.01.2011] It's now available here: Link

Winamp Version Check for Essentials Pack & Color Editor:

- Minimum Winamp version for installation is Winamp 5.6
- Installer provides a message and will abort, if minimum Winamp version isn't installed on the system
- if Winamp couldn't be detected on the system in general, installer provides an info message and will abort


- updated example language file v1.17 available
- incomplete translations were disabled due to compatibility issues

You can find more info & the example language file in the Essentials Pack Localization Thread

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