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Looks like your %ProgramFiles%\Winamp\whatsnew.txt file has been replaced by Geiss' version.
Use 7-Zip to extract whatsnew.txt from the Winamp 5.6 installer (it's in the "[0]" subfolder).


Sounds like Winamp is detecting your Droid as a USB device instead of Android.
There shouldn't be any pmp_usb.ini in the \Winamp (or root) folder of the sd card.

Close Winamp
Create a new "Android" folder in the root of the sd card, eg. X:\Android
Reopen Winamp
It should now detect the phone as an Android device
and you'll get the 'manage' prompt again.

You'll then see an X:\Winamp\pmp_android.ini file on your sd card
(winamp_metadata.dat & .idx files will also be created in there)

For future reference, you don't need to manually edit the [pmp_usb] or [pmp_android] section of %AppData\Winamp\winamp.ini
You can just go to: Winamp -> Prefs -> Plugins -> Portables -> pmp_usb.dll or pmp_android.dll -> config,
select the relevant drive letter from the drop-down list, and click "Un-Blacklist Drive"
(naturally, the device needs to be connected at the time).
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