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Using Winamp 5.61?

Nokia E7 phone?
As far as I know, this device should just be using the standard pmp_usb.dll plugin/interface.

What method are you using to transfer the files?
1. The Sync/Autofill buttons in Media Library > Devices > USB Drive X:
2. The "Send To -> USB Drive X:" command in the Playlist/Local Media right click menu?
3. Drag+Drop
4. Other?

For 1+2, go to: Winamp > Prefs (Ctrl+P) > Portables > USB Drive X: (where "X" is the correct drive letter) > Advanced tab
Make sure the File Name Format syntax is correct, eg.

X:\Music\<Artist>\<year> <Album>\## <Title>

This will transfer files in the format of (for example)

X:\Music\Pink Floyd\1973 Dark Side Of The Moon\02 Breathe.mp3
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