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using newest 5.61 and newest droid ver 1.1

ok, i just went thru and did some testing:

if using wifi, the compilation album (a film soundtrack) "Almost Famous" will show up as one album. (on the winamp droid app, touch "albums" and its there once, although even that has a bug as it lists the album as being by one of the artists, and not the TPE2 value)

now, i deleted the album from droid, i turned wifi off, plugged in the usb cable, and xferred again via USB, and this time, the album shows up once for each song / artist!

thats a bug!

so now the question is, what is it in my settings that makes it this way? its important to note that it did this with DEFAULT SETTINGS as i never previously changed the defaults since i don't have other portable devices nor do i rip CDs with winamp.

so i investigate the winamp 5.61 preferences to see WHY it does this. here's what i want you to do egg:

while your droid is usb plugged in with wifi off, look in prefs. the droid will show under "Prefs > Portables" HOWEVER it is "Portables" i want you to highlight.

notice at the top of that dialog, first thing, "Use CD Rip Settings" ...i have that checked.

do you see that? notice the rest is then subdued? isn't the point of this option to tell winamp to xfer music to the droid using the pref known as CD Ripping? if not, then what is the point of this option???

under pref > CD Ripping, i had to change the USELESS DEFAULT to this:

<Artist>\<Album>\<Trackartist> - ## - <Title>

however, as i've said, it isn't being used anyway!

so thats all FUBAR in many ways imo.

now, if i DO look at the settings for droid under: "Prefs > Portables > Droid" then i click the advanced tab, i have this:

G:\Music\<Artist>\<Album>\## - <Title>

THATS THE DEFAULT!!! WHY??? its not what you have in your pic link!

and guess what, here, you guys have changed the format help! so now its inconsistent even in prefs! under cd ripping, artist actually is album artist, whereas here, artist is track artist!

again, fubar!

so when i just now changed this to:

G:\Music\<Albumartist>\<Album>\## - <Artist> - <Title>

it worked. but christ, you all have made this needlessly difficult!

why not have proper defaults? why not have consistent "format help" functions? and why are options like use cd ripping ignored?

(btw, i def think for format help the "new way" is better, ie. albumartist = albumartist and artist = trackartist)

not trying to be a jerk egg, you guys are the best, but i have been trying to get you all to look at this basically since i got my droid in December!

if you don't follow ANY of the above, please ask! its also explained in the links i put previously.

(and usb xfer is like wifi in that it still results in the album as "being by" a TPE1 value, instead of TPE2, as it should be)

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