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notice at the top of that dialog, first thing, "Use CD Rip Settings" ...i have that checked.

do you see that? notice the rest is then subdued? isn't the point of this option to tell winamp to xfer music to the droid using the pref known as CD Ripping? if not, then what is the point of this option???
No. The point of that setting is to tell Winamp where to save files on your computer's hard drive when you use the "Copy to Local Media" command, which is in the menu when you right-click songs listed in Media Library > Devices > (drive/device) > song list.
ie. it is the path to use when copying files from the device to hard drive (the opposite/reverse of sync).

The relevant setting for copying from hard drive to usb device is in Prefs > Portables > Drive > Advanced tab, as in my screenshot above... which it seems you've now found, lol.

As for defaults, well, firstly, this is what can happen when there's been about 20 or more different coders working on Winamp in the past 10+ years.
Secondly, I think it's because Gracenote CDDB uses Artist for AlbumArtist and TrackArtist for Artist, which is why the CD Rip settings are like that,
whereas pmp uses the more standard id3 tag style AlbumArtist & Artist method.

I agree that it's confusing and should probably be changed to be more consistent.

I'll have to get back to you later about the rest....
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