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Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
No. The point of that setting is to tell Winamp where to save files on your computer's hard drive when you use the "Copy to Local Media" command, which is in the menu when you right-click songs listed in Media Library > Devices > (drive/device) > song list.
ie. it is the path to use when copying files from the device to hard drive (the opposite/reverse of sync).
well needless to say, that isn't clear AT ALL! i had no idea thats what it was for. that dialog shows as a result of highlighting the "Prefs>Portables" option in prefs. i assumed it meant something different obviously, (where/how to copy ML local files TO, not portable files from a device to local HD). but it was a rational assumption to make imo. the dialog itself could do a much better job, imo, in providing some explanation of what it does.

a lot of frustration b/c of that!

Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
The relevant setting for copying from hard drive to usb device is in Prefs > Portables > Drive > Advanced tab, as in my screenshot above... which it seems you've now found, lol.
indeed. but again, don't miss the main point here:

IT HAS FUBAR DEFAULTS! and almost as importantly, if you were used to functions of "format help" as per cd ripping, then you wouldn't think anything was wrong unless you checked this areas format help as well! again, totally fubar imo on all counts.

its especially confusing b/c when its WIFI it works properly regardless of these settings; these settings only seem to apply to USB mode for some reason???!!!

Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
As for defaults, well, firstly, this is what can happen when there's been about 20 or more different coders working on Winamp in the past 10+ years.
i understand that, and it is complex and so on, and things/standards, etc, evolve over time; but honestly, you guys should test the defaults when you roll out something totally new like android apps, and esp if reliable users/testers like me post things that say there is a problem. anything like this, you should know you need to at the very least, test what happens when a regular album, AND a comp album, are xferred to droid using wifi AND usb, and stock, default, 5.61 settings.

i mean seriously, that seems very basic to me.

even now, a user has to go in and mess around like i have been for months, trying to find the right magic sauce. it would be better if sensible defaults were in place from the get go!

(and the defaults for cd ripping, an ancient feature, are also fubar, btw. same lack of attention to detail, need)

you could say that TPE2 is only becoming commonplace lately as a defense, but thats not really very true anymore, and even if a user doesn't have albumartist values, winamp could incorporate easy logic to substitute for it when xfers for these devices are done.

Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
Secondly, I think it's because Gracenote CDDB uses Artist for AlbumArtist and TrackArtist for Artist, which is why the CD Rip settings are like that,
whereas pmp uses the more standard id3 tag style AlbumArtist & Artist method.

I agree that it's confusing and should probably be changed to be more consistent.
thats a good explanation of how this happened, and i agree with it, but yes, something def needs to change. (i think the gracenote way is stupid, i like the usb way)

and again, its the default values winamp uses thats the main beef, the "format help" issues only compound the problem.

Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
I'll have to get back to you later about the rest....
i hope i haven't put you off, b/c i think all this stuff is important. the using TPE2 values for who albums are by, is a minor, but nonetheless important and highly visible bug.

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