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Ahh, so it's not a standard usb device then.
The Advanced tab is only there for devices handled by pmp_usb.dll or pmp_android.dll (not wifi).
(Well, there's also an Advanced tab for iPod (pmp_ipod.dll) but with different options, mainly just for gapless playback).

This leads me to believe that your device is being handled by one of pmp_p4s.dll or pmp_activesync.dll instead.
Alas, these devices do not mount as a drive and also don't allow for path/filename configuration.
Music is stored by default in "\Music\Artist\Album\## - Title" format.

Also note that the setting in your screenshot that you've changed to D:\Music & <Artist>\<year> <Album>\## <Title> is for when using the Copy To Local Media feature, which is in the menu when you right-click items in: Media Library > Devices > (Device) > Song list, ie. it is the setting for copying files from the device back to your computer's hard drive.
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