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both of us: 5.621
both of us: droid app 1.1.1

ok some some things to point out. i have a droid X, and my friend has the X2. i'm trying to help him out.

with me, i can see the droid x AS a droid x in winamp, regardless of if i do wifi or USB.

as documented earlier in the thread, i can xfer music to the droid X properly now, so that it uses this string for USB which i as the user can set in prefs:

G:\Music\<Albumartist>\<Album>\## - <Artist> - <Title>

or it will do this, according to DJ Egg if using wifi, which i think is accurate, but its hardcoded and can't be changed:

X:\Music\AlbumArtist\Album\XX - Title

(where X for me would really be G, the above was just Eggs shorthand)

now, either way, when i xfer the songs over, the artwork also goes and works in the winamp app for droid.

(i do want to note however, that imo xfers via USB are very staccato like, and take longer than they should)

also, we both store artwork in the album folder as Folder.jpg

so onto the problems:


now, my friend has a droid X2.

winamp recognizes his device as a droid X2 when connected via wifi, BUT NOT when connected via USB! its just an " I " drive when connected via USB for some reason, BUT WHY?

i also had him put the same string in prefs that i'm using above, but his uses an I, so his string is:

I:\Music\<Albumartist>\<Album>\## - <Artist> - <Title>

this does work, BUT ART DOESN'T SHOW UP/WORK that way.

when he uses WIFI to xfer songs, the art DOES show up.

i think something is wrong here, and i'm not sure if its with how winamp is doing usb on the X2, or if its with his setup, in that his setup isn't recognizing the X2 thru some fault of his?

btw, we didn't try shoutcast on his X2, but the music we sent over, whether by wifi or usb did play.

so two problems:

1. winamp doesn't recognize his X2 as an X2 when connected via USB, just as a portable drive "I"

2. when xfering music to the X2 via USB the music shows up, but without any artwork.

what should he do, fix, look at? is this expected behavior? if it is, why?

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