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also i spoke too soon regarding my situation as i am noticing something strange. again, i just have a normal droid X.

i deleted everything from my droid X, and got it empty. i then did a series of wifi xfers. one albumartist only had one song; one had multiple albums with only one song in each album; and some were normal multi song albums.

at first, all the artwork worked on all of them np, songs played with art, etc...

i then connected USB, deleted the albumartist who had multiple albums of one song each, and then USB xferred over an album of 7 songs.

the artwork shows on that new USB album, but of the three remaining wifi albums, only ONE still had artwork! (the one with only one song) the other two lost theirs! now only see the llama, but how??? why???

this is serious crazy BS. this is the kind of thing that drives people crazy.

in addition to that, winamp can be a PITA discovering the phone. i don't know where the fault lies, but it sux having to go into the winamp droid app phone settings and uncheck/recheck enable wireless sync to get it to be discovered.

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