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What is the indicator to the right of the 'equalizer on' indicator on the title bar?

Originally Posted by Victhor View Post
Exactly! That's the main charm of this skin! You can choose whatever picture you like. You can choose up to 10 bg that will be saved on the Config page (the 11th is lost).
Very cool.

Originally Posted by Victhor View Post
I wanted to make the background colored, but by the time being I could only make it to the "Default" and "Desktop" ones.
This coloring effect works well with some color themes (and images) and not so well with others, imo. Can you make this optional for all backgrounds?

Originally Posted by Victhor View Post
Nope, tooltips are unrelated, Visual aids are semi-transparent graphics placed behind buttons and the Playlist+ meant to make it view-able it when the background image makes it hard to see (like white on white, or black on black, see attach example).
Ok, I see the effect now. Another color theme related thing (useful when more contrast is needed).

Originally Posted by Victhor View Post
Was the "prev" button actualy heh..
Yes, the "prev" arrowhead is not on the same vertical level as the "next" arrowhead. The difference is slight, and since they are not both visible at the same time, I only notice it now that you've pointed it out.

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