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Hi Victhor,

I had never used the original skin, so I didn't know what to expect from your update. I was going by the bullet points you provided on Deviant Art and my intuition. By the way, Ctrl + click on the top left corner menu button to open the current track folder doesn't work. A right click on this button does open the current track folder.

Here's what I see in beta v0.9:

1. Popup Notifications are a lot better. The bottom edge of a track's artwork is no longer cut off and the status notification graphics look better.

2. Bottom buttons on the Playlist Editor side panel look better. But, I do miss the status info that was at the bottom of this panel on other skins (i.e. playtime of current track / total playtime for all tracks in the listing)

3. Racing light in the seek bar looks better.

1. The last letter in the "Now Playing" panel selection switch label is partially clipped.

2. The songticker scrolling options are gone. Is this temporary or have you decided to give up on trying to get this to work? Also, I was not able to get a checkmark on both the enable and disable options at the same time in v0.8.

3. The context menu for the "Now Playing" panel's artwork now lists a "Get Album Art" command which should be removed, since Winamp no longer supports this feature.

4. The radio graphic is no longer displayed when listening to internet stations. Is this temporary (while trying to get the reflected artwork issue fixed)? In v0.8 the radio graphic was shown as the main artwork and the no cover graphic was shown as the reflected artwork. Now the artwork not found graphic is shown in both locations

No Change
1. The arrowheads for switching SUI panels still appear to not be aligned.

2. The highlight mode is active for the seek bar when playing songs after starting a new session, or after switching to another skin and back while a song is playing. I described this poorly before. It's like pointing to the playback controls. They get brighter while pointing at them (highlight mode) and return to a dimmer level when not pointing at them. The seek bar works the same way, except for when the skin first loads. Try letting a song play about a minute to see what the color level of the seek bar is, then point to the seek bar and the color level should not change until you point away from it. Then whenever pointing to it again (while a song is playing or paused), the color level changes to the initial brighter level and returns to a dimmer level when pointing away.

3. The frequency of getting wrong or corrupt reflected artwork on the Now Playing and PL+ panels is about the same on my system. This feature works perfectly in the Now Playing widget, so there's no logical reason for it not to work in this skin. I see that delay timers are placed in the "system.onScriptLoaded()" sections of the widget's "albumart" and "now playing" scripts. Maybe this allows more time for the "XUIGroup.findObject" commands to finish executing before the "system.onScriptUnloading()" commands are processed. I also see a "AlbumArt2.onAlbumArtLoaded(boolean success)" section in the widget's "now playing" script. This appears to be a further check that the "XUIGroup.findObject("main.albumart.reflection")" command finished executing.

Reflected artwork is a great entertainment feature when it works, otherwise it's just a distraction (especially in fullscreen mode). This is the only thing keeping me from making this my everyday skin. It has the best collection of usability and entertainment features I've seen so far. I'm willing to do whatever I can to help fix this issue. I can take a shot at editing the scripts for the Now Playing panel, but you would have to do the re-compile. If my 'time delays' idea works, then the delay timers in the "covershow" script may just need larger values in order to 'fix' the PL+ panel.

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