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I know why the Playlist Editor side panel closes when switching to the media library panel in the SUI. The library panel has a Playlist Editor sub-panel and the playlist can only be displayed in 1 panel at a time.

You said (in the What's New text file and on Deviant Art) that the library panel had a playlist (with a search box) on the right side, but I didn't see it until today. I had seen the 2-headed arrow that controls the opening and closing of the playlist sub-panel, but I didn't drag it far enough to make it work until today. This panel also has the track/list playtime info at the bottom.

I had asked about this in issue #3 of post #15 above and your answer #3a in post #16 shows that you probably didn't fully understand what I was talking about.

I have another issue that could be also be due to my misuse of the skin. I can't get the panel to open that allows the fade in, stay, and fade out times for the notification pop-up to be selected. When I right click on the notification, it closes immediately and the time control panel doesn't open. What am I doing wrong?

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