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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
I had asked about this in issue #3 of post #15 above and your answer #3a in post #16 shows that you probably didn't fully understand what I was talking about.
Probably, I wasn't expecting you didn't see the SUI-like PL. The original skin didn't have it, but since I increased the minimum skin's size, I thought it would make better sense to have it like that for use in small resolutions.
That said, you'll notice there's an issue when using that ML + PL and deactivating it from Right-click or the PL bottom button.. I think that downside will make it to the end release..

Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
I have another issue that could be also be due to my misuse of the skin. I can't get the panel to open that allows the fade in, stay, and fade out times for the notification pop-up to be selected. When I right click on the notification, it closes immediately and the time control panel doesn't open.
Indeed, you can't access that menu from there because:
- I used the cPro2 and there is a strong Bug in the last build where the right menu would crash winamp if the notifier disappears with the menu still visible. So I disable the menu there to avoid that bug. You can still access that menu by going to Main menu > Options > Komodo notifications > Fade and stay time..
- I like to have a fast way to discard a notification. Windows has an increasingly use of notifications (following mobile style) so I'm always using the "RC discard shortcut" (which most use, but not all). And this cold be even more useful on this skin due to the noticeable increment on its size..
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