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Originally Posted by Victhor View Post
CanĀ“t reproduce it (not even mixing accesing ways between Main menu and Notifier menu.. anyway, this sort of things -so cPro2-related- are out of my hand to fix, it's all Pieter's stuff (not in touch with him since last year or so), at least for an "official" release. What I could do would always be unnoficial and amateur-ish, and more of a patch than an actual fix. So don't hold your breath on this hehe..
I'm fine with opening this panel thru the main context menu option (for cPro skins that don't support a notifier context menu). I was just letting you know what I'm seeing.

I guess it's to be expected that there are different reactions given all the possible combinations of Winamp plug-ins and settings. However, crashes (for whatever reason) should be prevented whenever possible. You should continue to disable stuff that causes crashes on your system, imo.

I hope Pieter hasn't abandoned us, hopefully he's just waiting for a Radionomy release. I will greatly miss cPro, if I have to stop using it 'down the road'.

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