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the quick answers:...ummm, its not true that maki stops working if you select another window. for example, drawers that operate with the onEnterArea command still work. to see if winamp is in focus, you use System.isAppActive(); and it returns a boolean 1 focused, 0 unfocused. combining this with a timer should allow you to do whatever it is you want to do. heres a mockup up of one way to do that



MainContainer = getContainer("main");
Layout NormalLayout = MainContainer.getLayout("normal");

ButtonsGroup = NormalLayout.getObject("Buttons");
MinimizeButton = NormalLayout.getobject("minimize");

minTimer = new Timer;

minTimer.onTimer() {
if(System.isAppActive() == 0)

something like that should do you fine

ill do a full on tut on how to do custom vis if hammer heads isnt what youre looking for.

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