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CDDB plugin config - any use when 'Use MusicID' is switched off on entry causes C++ Runtime error 'application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an unusual way'

Looks like there are some problems with not writing anything to DB if Gracenote matches/submissions are declined.
CD Text works OK but doesn't write to DB. Editing looks problematical in these cases, is it dependent on submitting to Gracenote, or should you be able to edit anything, whether it's on GN's database or not .

What provision is there for moving info from cdinfo.db3 -> cddb.db or is that lost.

[edit] There was a very useful 'feature' in the old Modern skin where you could raise the Playlist window by clicking on dead space in the Main window. This can still be set up but doesn't hold from session to session.

Is this lost now?


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