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Re: Re: Winamp 5.36 Beta Preview 1 (Build 1500)

Originally posted by Chrissyx
with some of the other changes that will be coming into play in a few more builds, i think win9x support is dead even on the lite - it's definitely not a platform being tested on anymore now (official testing is effectively xp sp2 which screws me over as i'm a win2k stallwart). alas for the things that is needed with features in the player, crippling things for win9x support has reached the point where it's no longer feasible (as a lot of other programs have reached - just look at foobar which hasn't even worked on win9x for a few years now).

things have basically reached the stage where if it works then it's a bonus but with no dedicated testing pattern or desire to cripple things for the main user base, the win9x support will become unofficial/partial. like Egg's post mentions, things to do with the media library are the main cause of the win9x issues (along with anything to do with cd accessing) but other changes are likely to force things even on the main client (is still uncertain on a few things so i may or may not be right on that)

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