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Originally posted by jmatthews112
Third party plug-ins are not supported. It's more on the developer to fix any bugs with those plugins.
I'm aware of that.

I reported it because, in this case, the Bass plugin works *perfectly* with Winamp 5.36, providing that the in_mod.dll is disabled. Since the in_mod.dll (which is also an external component and not an integral part of Winamp per say) has recently changed and the Bass plugin hasn't, that designates the Nullsoft plugin as the probable culprit between the two. And it might just be useful to Nullsoft to know that the Bass issue is related to one of their plugins and not to Winamp itself. Which is the whole point of betatesting.

I could also have reported that the lastest build of the USF plugin makes Winamp crash. I didn't because, in this case, it happens not matter what other plugin is enabled or disabled, which clearly points the USF plugin as being buggy (or at least incompatible with 5.36).

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