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Ooh, ooh, Album Art! Playlist Generator! Look at all the fun new toys. Except, I can't make either of them work. o_O

Album Art is one that I'm not too worried about. Sure, it would be neat, but not entirely necessary. For the record though, my music is organized by iTunes, so that's where it got all the album artwork from. However, I prefer Winamp as a player, but none of the art shows up. As I said, no biggie (at least not to me).

The playlist generator, however, is something I'd like to have working. I fired up the media library (after a clean install), picked an Artist, picked an Album, then right clicked on the track and clicked "Play tracks similar to Layla". As I rather expected, I got a window wanting to scan the library. That went along quite nicely, took a little while, but I expected that. Once it said it was completed, I clicked the close button, and then repeated the process to select a song. I selected "Play tracks similar to Layla" again, and then waited. I first got a message saying that it was analyzing new files. Fine, that didn't take too long. Once that finished, the status area of the ML changed to "Querying Gracenote Database". That finished, and then..... the status area once again read "Querying Gracenote Database". After this, it stopped doing anything. So, I restarted Winamp, located the track again, told it to play similar tracks, and the same thing happened. After another restart, Winamp doesn't even acknowledge that I've clicked, the menu disappears and then nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong?

Intel Celeron D Processor (2.8GHz)
AC97' Embedded Audio
Clean install of Winamp 5.36 Build 1500
Windows XP SP2
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