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Go to: Prefs > Plugins > Media Library > Playlist Generator > config
Is the Scan still in progress, or has it completed?
Is the Scan button showing, or does it say Pause or Idle?

If 'Idle', click 'Scan' again and wait for the scan to complete.

Note that some files might not be in the Gracenote database.
eg. I've got 30,508 files in my Local Media Audio, but the Playlist Generator only sees 29,452

The ones that aren't recognised will return no results.
For me, it's obscure 12" mixes that aren't recognized (ie. tracks which aren't on any album).

The results will be displayed in the Playlist Editor window (Enqueued at the end of the list if Enqueue is the default ML action, otherwise the Playlist will be wiped & replaced by the generated list).
If Enqueue is the default ML action (Prefs > Media Library > Library Options tab), then check the end of your Playlist for the results.

Naturally, you also need to make sure that Winamp has been granted internet access at the firewall level.


All other reports are noted, whether commented on or not.
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