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if it will helpfull i can give you access to our server or if you dont want this i can send you the complete logfiles. Because the problems seems the same.

Originally Posted by MRGrp View Post the meantime I confirm that our 7 radio stations keep going offline continuously. Many times they do not restart, they simply go offline.

Centova Team doesn't know how to assist us.

We really hope to get some assistance (and a solution) from DrO and the SHOUTcast team as soon as possible. The radio stations are listed in iTunes and Windows directories, and downtime can just result in being Delisted.

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before last update we have as well the error 493 and stream doesnt start sometimes by themselve, but after last build this error doesnt exist. Now only restarts without this 493 error. For last build we have done manual installation.
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