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Milkdrop Source?

I looked at that post, didnt see any source code or anything useful.

I have also seen references to other derivations of MD, including ProjectM (dont know if that helps me on Windows).

Also another one called LightMaestro. It looks like he got a fair ways into it. There are several videos on youtube ie:, where somehow he overlaid video on top of MD, however the web site is nonexistent so evidently he gave up on it.

So I am back to wondering a few things:
1) If MD1 was made open source, why not MD2?
2) Who is the "keeper" of MD2 source? The guys here at winamp must have it, right? Can it be made available for download??

I started doing VJ shows at my local nightclub here in Portland, OR about a year ago. I started off by using Winamp/Milkdrop. Winamp is a great media player, no question. A VJ app it is not. I am able to do some pretty good shows with Winamp/Milkdrop, and yet I want to do more, a lot more.

For example, I purchased a Kinect a few months ago, and have put together some really GOOD effects for it. (search on youtube for DesignerVisuals). One of my goals is to have Milkdrop running in the background, with some of my Kinect effects overlaid on top. I might even be able to produce a Winamp Plugin (if I can wrap my brain around the Winamp Plugin API). Even so, the kinect effects wont be overlaid on top of MD though iun that case.

The current implementation of MD2 in Winamp has some good capabilities, such as what it does with static image overlays (that is awesome!) however no capability that I can see to do things like overlay a live video feed.

Hence my desire to get ahold of the Milkdrop 2 source code.

So I am making my appeal here on this forum to the guys that maintain Winamp to see if I can get my hands on the source.

So how about it guys? Can I beg, borrow, or buy it?
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