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NJK, You Asked..: just a question out of curiosity

why stream at 192 aac+ when this codex was developed for streaming a good quality audio stream at lower bitrates?

i can understand using a 192Kpbs MP3 stream but for aac+
48 or 64Kbps is sufficient for the your everyday listener.

AAC+ 64 almost equals 128Kbps MP3

NJK We Have (2) Streams Up..
1) Stream is 192kbps In Audio/Mpeg Mode MP-3
2) Stream is 64 kbps In Audio/AACP Mode Codec HE-AAC

Were Now Using Whats Called ORBAN PC1101 Soundcard with Orbans Opticodec PE1100v3 For The 64kbps Stream In AAC+

We Also Use a Free Standing Audio Processor Called an OmniaOne & an Omnia3 Turbo When Live-On-Air Playing CD's
We Connect To Shoutcast Via (Simplecast) While LIVE

We Also Connect To SHOUITCAST With "Simplecast" Streaming Module For Our Stream (1) at 192 kbps. Unfortunately, Simplecast Doesnt Allow Metadata For Streaming Song-Title-Artist Etc.. We Were Using DSP Shoutcast v1.9.0 For That Until It Started Screwing Up Our Audio in The 192 kbps Stream. So Now, Whomever Logs Onto The Stream at 192kbps, Wont See The Name of The Song Title & Artist.

I Personally Don't Like Streaming In AAC Modes Because People Cant Simply Log-On To The Audio Without Having To Download a Plugin or Player of Some Sort.
The Other Reason is That I Hear Artifact Within Audio While In AAC Modes. OUr Music Library Is All In CD (Format) or WAV
I Despise MP-3 Audio To Start Out With, So We Use All CD's and Reduce From There..
I Hope I Answered Your Question Sir..
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