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nullsoft tiny fullscreen v2.11

Winamp v5.58 (X86) just installed

There are only 3 visualizations that I am interested in; they come from "nullsoft tiny fullscreen v2.11":
1. sexy scrolling voiceprint
2. spectrum analyzer + voiceprint
3. spectrum analyzer + oscilloscope

The voiceprints have a bad flicker, they always have flickered for years.
The colors are also incorrect, like they have been switched with their complementary colors. picture 1, picture 2 changing the colors in the visualization plug-in configuration doesn't change the colors.

CPU: intel core2quad q9300 2.5Ghz
GPU: ATI Radeon 5850 latest driver
motherboard: ASRock P45DE3 latest bios
OS: win 7
standard dvd rom and harddrives

Any solutions, fixes???

(as I typed this, something happened when winamp started it would ask a question and then start one of the visualizations, but the screen would remain black. I could either alt-tab to another program or I could end the process through the task manager. I couldn't close the visualization and the colors of the desktop, other programs and the task manager seemed to have been set to 8bit color. I never saw what the question was as the screen went black a split second later. I had to uninstall then reinstall to get winamp working again.)
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