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BUG: file info window not showing rating

5.601 Bento

came across a small but weird issue and figured it should be documented, prob a simple fix for you to do anyway:

i downloaded a mp3 from a website, cleaned up the tags and rated it, however it was never entered or scanned into the ML, (i don't auto-add to the ML afaik). then today i moved it with windows explorer, and double clicked to play it. played fine, tags were still updated, but now i was noticing that the rating did not show in the file info window in the top center of Bento, to the direct right of the player controls.

i double checked with mp3tag and the winamp written rating IS in the file.

i'm not sure that it matters i moved the file, i suspect it still wouldn't have worked even if i hadn't moved it. but no matter what i do, short of scanning it into the ML, it won't show in winamps file info window. (it does show in win7 win-explorer btw)

so my conclusion is that the winamp file info window only displays the ratings of files who have their ratings stored in the ML DB, and not files who have it only in the tag, and NOT the ML DB.

i consider that a 'bug' at least in the sense that its undesired behavior. winamps "file info" window should display the content of the files tags, and not need to refer to the ML DB, imo.


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