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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Is that version number a typo or a limited access version for testing? If it is the latter, can I get a copy and any associated change log?
that was MY mistake. i should not have said i had that, and i apologize for doing so. it was an honest mistake, (i didn't know not to), but a mistake all the same.

in any case, i get the feeling you won't have to wait long, but i have no inside info on an ETA, just my guess.

Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
Basically, when ratings were first implemented in Winamp 5.0x, it was done as part of ml_local, using nde (Nullsoft Database Engine), thus making it a Local Media Library database feature.

Files had to be in the mldb for ratings to be stored/recognized.
This is why files were auto added to the mldb when rated.
ah, makes sense i guess, although i think ratings in files should have been supported first, but perhaps the id3v2.3 spec didn't predate the feature in the app?

regardless, it probably needs to stay that way, for those who don't store ratings in tags, or formats that don't support them.

Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
Since we now support ratings in tags (POPM, etc) for mp3, ogg, flac, wma (did we ever get mp4/m4a working?),
NO! i would be THRILLED if you would add the %rate% atom to the mp4/m4a format with a range of 0-100 (copying your vorbis scheme) since this appears to be the current popular de facto standard.

Originally Posted by DJ Egg View Post
as from the next release, Winamp will be able to read the rating from the tags, even when the file is not in the mldb, and display it in e.g. the Rating context menu in the main window, the Rate Items context menu in the Playlist Editor, and in the Bento mcv / file info area.
yes, thats awesome. i think DrO told me winamp will now parse all played files for a rating if no rating is present in the DB, regardless of if the song is or isn't in the DB. i think that makes the most sense.

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