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Playlist feature - Support start and end times

In RealPlayer, it used to be possible to specify in a .ram playlist a start time and end time, to play just part of an audio file. The target file did not have to be a .ra or .rv file: it was possible to specify any type of file that RealPlayer could play, including .mp3 or .mp2 files.

The format of the .ram playlist file was (for example) -

file://C:\AudioFile.mp3?start="01:00.000"&end="04:00.000"&title="Elvis Presley"

My request is for you to add a method in Winamp's .pls or .m3u / .m3u8 playlist files which allows a start point and an end point to be specified for the target file, such that Winamp plays only the specified part of that file, rather than play the entire file.

Then one could, for example, play only one specific track in an Album.
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