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Docking off-screen with multiple monitors (3660)

Winamp v5.8 Build 3660 (x86)
Windows 10 Pro V1909 Build 18363.900

When multiple monitors are configured in Windows and the monitors do not align at the top edge then docking Winamp to the top on an unaligned monitor (eg. not the main monitor) will cause Winamp to dock to the y-coordinates of the top edge of the main monitor which is off-screen of the unaligned monitor.

Screen 1: 1440p
Screen 2: 1080p
Screen 3: 1080p
Aligned like the actual monitor positioning.

Docking Winamp to the top on either Screen 2 or 3 will cause only the bottom part of the window to be visible as Winamp will dock at the y-coordinates of the top edge of Screen 1, which is off-screen of screen 2 or 3.
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