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Winamp opening but not playing or queuing file

The other day while winamp was playing, my young daughter started smashing her hands on the keyboard, and I'm pretty stumped trying to reverse whatever it is she did.

So now every time I double click on any audio file, it opens Winamp, but doesn't play OR add the file to the playlist, it shows the previous played track in the playlist (but doesn't play that either). The only way I can get it to play is by double clicking the file, then dragging it into the playlist once winamp is open and double clicking again from there.

I've reinstalled several times, also deleted the .ini file but its still the same after this. When logged into a different Windows profile on the same laptop it works as it should, so it must be a problem with the settings somewhere, I just can't find any setting that seems related. I even resorted to smashing my own hands on the keyboard to try and undo whatever happened (I also tried as many actual keyboard shortcuts as I could find).

Just to confirm - it's definitely NOT the 'Enqueue files on double click in Windows Explorer' tickbox, even when this is ticked the file doesn't get added to the playlist.
I'm using an Alienware laptop with Windows 10 x64

Does anyone have any ideas?

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