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Confused and Need Help.

Hey all,

So I’m a little stumped and don’t really know what to do: I recently moved to shoutcast from another service and was luckily able to get it up and running here.

My questions:

1. For some reason when I try to log into the Radio Manager, I’m met with an endless blue “loading” screen and I can’t do anything to see my stats or anything of the sort. I CAN go into the planner and add/edit the stream though.

2. Where is support? I opened up 3 requests more than a month ago and no one’s gotten back to me. I sent in my TuneIn info to them so metadata would show, but only crickets from ShoutCast support.

I’m definitely concerned about continuing to use this platform in the future because there doesn’t seem to be a solid team of people behind it. Can anyone clear this up for me?
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