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Originally Posted by Ammaletu View Post
Sure. Isn't everybody nowadays?!
Hmm, well there's only one real admin account, and that's the super-hidden one

What I meant was whether the active profile is set to Admin or Standard in Control Panel -> User Accounts.

Sorry, but isn't there a reason why normal user's shouldn't be allowed to write to system-critic directories?! This has been a standard for a couple of years now, even under Windows, and I would expect programs like Winamp to honor that convention. I might try this for the fun of it, later, but it wouldn't be a solution. It especially wouldn't help if it really is a registry problem, right?!
It was just a suggestion.

If I knew the actual cause/solution, then I'd be the first to reveal it here.
But alas, I can't even reproduce the problem.

Giving the Winamp folder or winamp.exe full admin rights should also allow it to write to the registry.
Though the only registry keys that Winamp writes to are the Filetype associations in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, and that's a Windows thing really, not Winamp, and Winamp only writes to them if the "Restore associations at Winamp startup" setting is enabled, otherwise you would need to manually make changes in Prefs -> File Types to receive a UAC prompt.
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