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What I meant was whether the active profile is set to Admin or Standard in Control Panel -> User Accounts.
It's a standard profile, of course. What I meant was 'Isn't everybody working with a standard profile nowadays?'. But I saw in another thread that you don't believe in UAC and working without admin rights. Which is rather worrying, I have to say.

Anyway... I tried something else and found the source of the problem, even if I don't understand it completely. I had already removed the 'check file associations on startup' checkbox some time ago, with no change. Now I opened the preferences, went to 'file types' and clicked the 'none' button. Closed the preferences, closed Winamp, started it back up and no UAC prompt. Closed and started again, no UAC prompt. Great.

Then I opened the preferences, went to the file types tab and all previously selected file types were selected again. I didn't change anything, closed the preferences and immediately got a UAC prompt. I clicked No, closed Winamp and opened it again and no UAC prompt.

So this problem is transformed into 'I get a UAC prompt for no reason whenever I open and close the preferences', which I personally can live with. It's still a bug though. Is there a bugtracker where I should report this or will you do this?

Though the only registry keys that Winamp writes to are the Filetype associations in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, and that's a Windows thing really, not Winamp, and Winamp only writes to them if the "Restore associations at Winamp startup" setting is enabled, otherwise you would need to manually make changes in Prefs -> File Types to receive a UAC prompt.
In the other thread it was mentioned that it should be perfectly possible to change file associations without the UAC prompt. I don't know if that's true, but suspect that it is. At least Winamp should be clever enough to notice when I didn't change anything about the file associations and that therefore there's no reason to write to the registry. Getting a UAC prompt if I actually changed the associations would be ok. Getting one every time I close the preferences is rather strange.

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