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I did some more tests. As I haven't ever really used Winamp with my administrator profile, I deleted the winamp.ini there and started Winamp. Clicked through the initial setup, which resulted in an UAC prompt. Since this was writing the file associations, I clicked yes.

Then I opened the preferences, went to the "file associations" tab and without changing anything or clicking on anything else closed the settings. The UAC prompt showed up. When I repeated this without a restart, no UAC prompt showed up. After a restart the same happens.

I compared the two winamp.ini files, but due to different order of the settings, they look quite different. But it seems after initially fixing the annoying prompt on every start of the program, Winamp now behaves the same with the old and the new winamp.ini (didn't notice this before, but yes, the UAC prompt only shows up once for every session, if you close the preferences).
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