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Crash When Scanning Certain Files Into Library

Whenever I scan songs into the library winamp crashes...

It seems to crash consistently on a select few files which I'm now slowly gathering in the recycling bin....

It has so far crashed on files of the type m4a and mp3...

When I go find the file on disk and right click it to play it in Winamp, Winamp can play it fine apparently it just crashes when adding it to the library for whatever reason...
I have used mediainfo on the files to verify that all of their extensions are correct and they are the windows library builder just seems to hate these files.

This is starting to get really annoying as Winamp has now crashed probably at least 50 times while I've been trying to import my library.

My System Specs are as Follows
Asus Crosshair IV Extreme
AMD Phenom(TM) II x6 1100T
3.8 Ghz (OC)
Corsair XMS (2 x 4GB) CMX8GX3M2A2000C9
8191 MB
Kingston HyperX SSD SH100S3
120GB SATA III (6.0 GB/s)
Western Digital Caviar Black
1TB 7200 RPM Drive 64MB Cache
Western Digital Caviar Black
2TB 7200 RPM Drive 64MB Cache
ATI Radeon HD 6970
XFX 900MHz Core Clock w/ 2GB DDR5 1400Mhz Clock
ATI Radeon HD 6970
ATI 880 Mhz Core Clock w/ 2GB DDR5 1375Mhz Clock

It's always been somewhat of a struggle to import my library in the past, as winamp has crashed before but usually after restarting and rescanning it would continue on until all the files finally made it in there. I tried to rescan my folders a few days ago and this was the first time winamp kept consistently crashing. So I upgraded to the latest version of winamp hoping it fixed the problem and it didn't. I don't know what's wrong with these files. Nothing seems to be wrong with them as they seem to play fine independently, and I don't want to delete perfectly "good" music files...

At this point I'm also a little annoyed that winamp just dies instead of using some sort of try catch statement to report any errors that occurred while importing songs into the library...

From what I've been able to research there have also apparently been complaints about winamp crashing when importing songs in the past. Some threads from over 4 years ago discussing the same bugs that seem to still exist....

Anyway point is...

Winamp seems to hate certain specific files when trying to import them and I simply do not know why....
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