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It's hard to believe that nearly 2 years later this problem is still unresolved even after such a detailed report of the problem by Whizzmo2.

It's now 2012, I'm using Vista 32bit with a standard user account and I'm prompted for my password each time I want to run WinAmp.

This is the only media player that I know of that requires administrative rights.
It makes me very suspicious of a program that I once really enjoyed and recommended.

Yes I've tried:
Deleting Winamp.ini
Completely uninstalling and reinstalling from an admin log-in
Installing using "Run as Administrator"
I have no 3rd party plug-ins installed
Disabling all WinAmp file associations
Disabled "Check for new versions on startup"
"Restore associations at Winamp startup" is not selected
Changing file ownership of winamp.exe to the standard user account
Giving full permissions od winamp.exe to the stndard user account

but still the only way to run WinAmp is to give run it with administrative rights.
This is WRONG.

No I don't want to disable UAC, that is just hiding the problem that WinAmp is trying to do something that it has no right doing!

I sincerely hope that someone with some clout in the WinAmp team reads this and "kicks the Llama's ass" to resolve this issue. With regret I feel I have no option but to use a different media player and recommend that other people do likewise until this issue is fixed as it strongly suggests that there is a serious security risk here.

I would love to be able to recommend WinAmp once again, it has some terrific features and used to be a pleasure to use.

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