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The problem has to do with the file associations. Here is how I fixed it.
  1. Rename 'C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\Winamp\Winamp.ini' to something else (for example OldWinamp.ini)
  2. Open winamp, dismiss the UAC warning.
  3. Close winamp, which will create a new Winamp.ini.
  4. Open both the new Winamp.ini and OldWinamp.ini in text editors.
  5. Take the file extension line beginning with "config_extlist=" from the NEW Winamp.ini, and copy it to your OLD OldWinamp.ini, replacing its config_extlist= line.
  6. Delete the new Winamp.ini.
  7. Rename OldWinamp.ini to Winamp.ini

So you should have your original Winamp.ini, except the file extension list is fixed to not give the UAC warning.
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